SEO Evolution: My Ever Changing Views on SEO

May 1, 2017


My views on effective SEO strategies and tactics are definitely changing. Everything seems to be in constant flux now. This is SEO Evolution.




It was only a short 33 days ago that I was so sold on the efficacy of "low hanging fruit" keywords, asking so many enthusiastic questions about the best ways to use such low competition keywords in great content I could write, the nuances of how meta titles and descriptions by themselves affect your rankings, and how important were my permalinks.


Indeed, my actions taken so far have certainly succeeded in getting my site’s landing page, over 160 alt text images, and blog posts indexed and ranked on Google Page 1, 2 under certain keyword search terms.


Did you hear that?


Let me repeat that: my website, my over 160 alt text images that link to my site, my You Tube videos, my Facebook Page and posts, my local directories listings, and blog posts are now ranked on Google Pages 1 and 2 for certain keywords even when doing an incognito search.


You would think that would be a great thing, right?


Well it is, but…..


This doesn’t tell the entire story.


My SEO Journey


Here’s what I’ve done so far, and continue to do to try to improve my SEO site health: 

1) Researching and finding great relevant "low hanging fruit" long-tail keywords for my niche in Jaaxy. (QSR <100, searches >40). I continue to find different long-tail keywords related to my niche and to include them in my new content.


2) Writing great content using many niche-relevant "low hanging fruit" long-tail keywords within the content of 8 blog long posts on my website.


3) Organically without checking my word count, I’m continuing to write such content with each new blog post anywhere between 1700-2500+ words. That is long form, and is something that Google sees as very favorable. 

My SEO Results for 5 Great Keywords:


Take a look at these screenshots viewed from an incognito search window when I type in one of my (5) low competition keywords and ANY permutation of “Kaju” in them (in parentheses):


Here are the results for all keywords. Notice I am typing without quotes:


1) kaju party band

Permutations: (part kaju band | kaju band party | band kaju party | party band kaju)



On Google Pg 1, my website on top, my,blog, several of my over 80+ You Tube videos, my Reverb nation my local directory listings (Yelp, The Knot, Wedding Wire), my Facebook page and post, Tumblr, and new WA blog posts take up ALL 10 spots. 


And on Google Page 2, three of the first five spots are taken - and there's even a 5 star review from my Yelp listing:


In fact, my website, blog, Reverb nation, You Tube videos, Facebook page, and 3 different local directories (Yelp, The Knot, Wedding Wire) all DOMINATE Google pages 1 and 2, with 13 entries carrying over 1.5 million results.



2) kaju off the hook 

Permutations: (off the hook kaju | off the kaju hook | kaju off hook | )






On Google Pg 1, my Reverbnation is on top, my local directory listings (Yelp, The Knot, Wedding Wire) my Facebook page and posts, several of my over 80+ You Tube videos, my blog, Tumblr, take up ALL 11 spots.


And on Google Page 2, three of the first five spots are taken - and there's even a 5 star review from my Yelp listing.



3) Most Exciting Party Band



Okay for this keyword I'm only ranking in 3 entries on Google Pg 1, but many would still love to rank for three on the 1st page of Google. You can even see a Wealthy Affiliate post here!


4) off the hook band




For this keyword, my Facebook Page is on top of Google Pg 1, and then I have my Reverbnation as entry # 5, and one local directory ranking (The Wedding Wire). # 6, for a total of 3 entries on page 1 - still very good one would think. And that's 3 entries on Page 1 out of 21,400,000 results. 


5) off the hook


Even for the most generic keyword, my Facebook Page is ranked # 5 on Google Pg 1 out of 74,500,000 results.



However, here’s bottom line:


Despite correctly implementing a sound core SEO strategy of loading great “low hanging fruit” long-tailed keywords in my great content.


For all these high ranking links I'm getting, I am still not getting significant traffic. People are finding me, but simply not clicking on my links.


Or are they?





So what gives?



Is My Niche Way too Competitive?


It certainly appears that way.


Even the low competition keywords (QSR<100) that are getting some searches (>40) - the ones that a stranger will likely type in to find your business- are even too competitive.




Save a few Facebook posts, type in THOSE keywords without quotes, and my new site (Feb 1) is no where to be found. My competition dominates.


Here are my SEO Conclusions:


Bottom Line: You Need to Do Many different things to improve your site traffic.


It certainly appears I cannot succeed in my niche relying on organic traffic alone.

I realize now it's going take a multi-pronged approach to drive traffic and conversions to my website, as writing great content and using many such relevant low competition keywords alone is simply not enough.


My niche presents different challenges as I am selling a high ticket item in a very competitive local environment.

It requires that I bring the prospect to the website as a first step make a face-to-face appointment of they like what they see as they would never make a first purchase directly on the site - SEO only gets them there.


So to get conversions, I need to make direct appointments. In the past, much of the business was driven by word of mouth.

So for new prospects it also requires they see 5 star reviews in testimonials about us in local directories such as Yelp which I am receiving now. Go to my site if you would like to see it


Here's what I feel I now MUST do to increase traffic moving forward:


1) Reviews, reviews, reviews!


Posting 5 star reviews only from overjoyed clients on all the local directories. This has already started.




2) Paid advertising. Local advertising, Facebook ads, PPC, etc.. I never wanted to do this. but it appears this may be the only way.


3) Targeting social media groups - this is what Paul Goodwin advocates. Join Facebook groups, Linked In groups, Instagram groups,and other social media. However, I must do my research first!


4) Continue to write Great content - and post it on my site. No I'm not giving up, I will continue to "write my heart out" and use a good keyword strategy. And I love to write. I'm just not depending on it.


5) Shameless self-promotion - Network, network. network!


Brick and mortar. Word of mouth advertising. Handing out lots of business cards at shows, performances, social gatherings, sports events, on the street and in the subway (no I'm just kidding!).




Let me just say we have always received great testimonials from our clients, and everyone who has seen, and continues to come to our shows loves the band.


Do you know why I am not getting significant traffic, despite so many great ranking entries?



Please let me know if you have any other ideas. 

I would love to hear from you!





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