Growing the Tree of Knowledge

May 13, 2017

There is a tree that needs attending to.


For every day at Kaju's Off the Hook, we are adding to our Tree of Knowledge .




What is the Tree of Knowledge you may ask? That’s a great question.


Let’s get back to that one shortly.



Open Engagement is the Key



It’s all about open engagement and sharing your ideas genuinely and openly with the community.




And a bit of luck never hurt! I am keeping the "Ronald McDonald and Me" profile for now. I know that Ronald continues to "have my back" and appears to continue to be bringing me luck!


I know - Alright enough already with the ridiculous photo op of Kaju with that silly clown!





A New Journey of Discovery Together


In the last 13 days we have been on a journey of discovery together. We have attempted to tackle very interesting and complex questions.


There has been great engagement in the process, and in that engagement we have discovered that we are always better when we exchange ideas openly.


In that process, we have discovered that great open engagement leads to increased knowledge in short order, new important knowledge that can be applied to our businesses.


Your sincere support and interest has encouraged me to ask burning questions that I needed answers for, and in turn collectively we have come up with GREAT answers and BIG solutions to the DEEP questions.




Together, we are now better prepared to navigate the turbulent waters of content writing, private label rights, social media engagement, online marketing, and even newer challenges.


And it works both ways.


You have brought to light new questions and possibilities to ME that I never would have even considered asking. Or answers I never would have thought were available.




This is turn has led US to contemplate new possibilities toward our mutual success we never thought we could conceive.



Never Hold Back


Have no idea what I’m going to be doing next other than continuing to contribute new questions and ideas in order to help the great Kaju's Off the Hook community.


All I know is the more I help others, the more I feel good.


And I’ve noticed, the more I help others to succeed in a genuine way, the more they want to help me to genuinely succeed.


If you haven’t yet jumped aboard this train, what is stopping you?


As I said before, anyone can do what I am doing. You really just have to love helping people.


You just need to get your best ideas “out there” in a real and honest way.


Never hold back.




The Tree of Knowledge


Now let’s get back to our original image.


This is a metaphor that bears completing…..


Imagine that our community here is a tree with many diverging branches. On those branches there are many leaves.


Each branch represents a new cache of knowledge, and the many leaves of those many branches represents each member in the community.


Inside this tree there is a constant ebb and flow of energy. This energy represents information. It is the information that provides us the knowledge we gain by sharing through active engagement.


Every day we add to that Tree of Knowledge.




Energy flows between all the branches and nourishes those leaves, and the leaves in turn send back energy nourishing the entire tree.


Like the tree, we are all on a journey of learning and advancement, and our reach is growing every day.


I will continue to ALWAYS do my best to support YOU, and share ALL of my knowledge and information with you as we learn together on this journey. By providing each other total interactive engagement our Tree of Knowledge will continue to grow.


From the bottom of our heart, Kaju's Off the Hook would like to THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your continued support and encouragement. And Godspeed to the many, many great accomplishments we will share ahead.


As the song is written “Stay with Me” on this journey, TOGETHER we will continue to conquer the steep learning curve of online marketing success.




And TOGETHER we will continue to grow our reach by nourishing our Tree of Knowledge.


Cheers to Our Growth,



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